TSS-8 Operating System for the PDP-8

As part of my attempt to recreate a PDP-8/I in an FPGA, I needed to come up with a working version of TSS-8 to run. I found some sources, but they were "hand typed" from a listing.

So, I set about fixing the sources to match the binary copies I had and setting things up so I could rebuild a working disk image from scratch.

I ended up with a set of working sources and utilties which allow me to completely rebuilt TSS-8 from scratch and create a working RF08 disk image. The result can be booted using the 'simh' simulator or my FPGA recreation of the PDP-8/I.

I'd like thank:

 John Wilson, for typing in the TSS-8 source code
 Vincent Slyngstad, for helping debug the sources